When: Wed Jul 25, 2018 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Where: Prophecy Unlimited One Glass Wharf, Bristol BS2 0EL

We've got a creative showcase lined up for you this time, one from the perspective of figuring out how to put your skills to the best use, and one on the effectiveness of blogger outreach in marketing, as well as an exciting Q&A panel delving into the subject of influencer marketing.

Plus the usual booze, pizza (cheers Pizzarova!), Social Sin Bin and Tools of Engagement. Don't miss it!

Panel Q&A: What's the point of influencer marketing?

Names have always been key to brands in pushing their wares, but the rise of social media has created more 'influencers' than ever before. But what makes an influencer, and how effective are they? What is the best way to work with them? Or, if you're building an online following, how can you make sure that you work with brands in the best way possible?

Our speakers this month are:

Sam espensen.jpg

Sam Espensen – Does your career care about you?

Sam Espensen, co-owner and co-founder of boozy brand Espensen Spirit and East Bristol bar Bristol Spirit, discusses career perspectives in the media space, the good and bad career choices she made during 20 years working in media, and gives advice on how to make sure your job is helping you achieve what you want in life - even if you aren't yet sure what that is!


Heather Cowper – Case Study: The Blogger Campaign for Being Brunel

Heather Cowper, founder of the Bristol Bloggers group shares the results and learnings from a blogger campaign as part of the launch of the new Being Brunel Museum at SS Great Britain. Learn more about the approach to this side of marketing, and bring your questions about its benefits & challenges.